Parrot Chewing Wooden Bird Toys for Conures Cockatiels African Grey

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Attention all parrot lovers! Are your feathered friends in need of a little something to keep them happy and healthy? Look no further than MGKPET's Large and Small Parrot Chewing Toys! These essential bird toys provide the perfect physical activity to keep your adorable avian companions stable and content. With colorful and durable wooden blocks and cotton knots, your parrot will be satiated and absolutely wild with delight as they chew and dismantle these lovely toys. But wait, there's more! Not only are our parrot toys safe to chew with pure natural wood & cotton rope, all of them are hand-dyed with edible pigments ensuring your birdie's safety. Plus, these toys are beak-trimmed which means your parrot's health and eating habits will remain sharp as ever! Our Large Parrot Toys are a perfect cage accessory for small, medium, and large birds. With a suggested size of 14.2" X 5.5", they're perfect for budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, sun conures, lovebirds, african greys, blue and gold macaws, large cockatoos, and a variety of Amazon parrots. Not only will your parrot have an ideal elevated place to chew and climb, but they will also be visually stimulated by the brightly coloured toys. So why not give your playful parrots the very best with MGKPET's Large and Small Parrot Chewing Toys? You