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Pop Little Suckers - Soft, Safe and Educational Building Blocks for Kids

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Color: 16pcs set
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Welcome to a world of limitless imaginations and bouncy fun! Introducing Pop Little Suckers - the ultimate toy that will take your little ones' creativity to new heights. With 16-48 pieces in each set, your tiny architects can construct endless fantastical structures that stretch their imaginations to the max. Eager to get your little ones to explore and discover? These assembled suction cup building blocks make it easy! The unique and exciting feature of the suction cups allows their creations to stick to smooth surfaces like windows, walls, and floors. Get ready to be amazed as your child's masterpieces come to life, exciting audiences with their colorful and imaginative designs. These silicone building blocks aren't just ingenious, they're also soft and safe for little hands. No need to worry about sharp edges or hazardous materials. The blocks are made from high-quality, durable silicone and are perfect for children of all ages. And because they're so much fun, your child won't even know they're exercising their fine motor skills, learning shapes, and exploring colors. Pop Little Suckers are equally perfect for both boys and girls, making them the ideal gift for occasions galore! The possibilities for imaginative play are endless, and your child's satisfaction and delight are guaranteed. So order your set today and let your little ones' vivid imaginations soar like never before. Pop Little Suckers - safe, soft, educational, and FUN!