Halloween Haunted Branch Light: Spooky Atmosphere Maker.

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Color: Vine branches
  • SKU: 1005005923528763-Vine branches-regular style
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• Create a spooky atmosphere: The Halloween Haunted Branch Light is the perfect accessory to set the mood for Halloween. With its 54 LED waterproof lamp beads, it easily creates a scary and haunting atmosphere, making it an ideal decoration for Halloween parties, haunted houses, and other spooky events.

• Versatile and customizable: The realistic shape of the rattan allows you to bend it into any desired shape, giving you the freedom to create your own DIY designs. Whether you want to make tree garlands or decorate walls, corners, tabletops, fireplaces, mantels, or door sills, the flexible branches wrapped in black tape ensure durability and easy customization.

• Easy installation and operation: This product is extremely convenient to install and operate. Simply use rope hooks, nails, suction cups, tape, or any other hanging tools (not included) to hang it on the wall or any desired location. The Halloween Haunted Branch Light also comes with a remote control that offers 8 different lighting modes, allowing you to easily switch between modes and choose your preferred Halloween carnival setting. No need to reset the mode each time you turn it on.

With its ability to create a spooky atmosphere, its versatility for customization, and its easy installation and operation, the Halloween Haunted Branch Light is the perfect decoration for Halloween, parties, birthdays, festivals, and daily life lighting.