ElevateFit Yoga Wedge: The Ultimate Stretch and Strength Tool

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Color: Black 15x6x5cm
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• Versatile yoga prop for Iyengar practitioners and professionals
• Reduces strain in certain poses or body stretching
• Provides stability and height in various yoga poses

Enhance your yoga practice with the ElevateFit Yoga Wedge, the ultimate stretch and strength tool. Designed for Iyengar practitioners and professionals, this versatile yoga prop is a must-have addition to your exercise kit.

Reduce strain and discomfort caused by certain poses or body stretching with the ElevateFit Yoga Wedge. Simply place the wedge beneath your heels or hands to add lift or grounding in a variety of yoga poses. Whether you're practicing balancing, downward facing dog, bow, handstands, or standing poses, this wedge offers stability and height to enhance your practice.

Crafted with high-density and non-toxic EVA Foam, the ElevateFit Yoga Wedge is built to last. Made according to international standards, this foam wedge maintains its shape and durability over time. Say goodbye to soggy and flimsy yoga props - this wedge is designed to withstand the test of time, providing you with the support you need for your yoga practice.

Experience optimal grip and comfort with the ElevateFit Yoga Wedge. Its excellent texture ensures a secure grip throughout your practice, allowing you to focus on your poses without worrying about slipping. Lightweight and portable, this yoga wedge can be easily carried to studios, yoga classes, or even while traveling, ensuring that you never miss a chance to enhance your yoga practice.

Elevate your yoga practice with the ElevateFit Yoga Wedge. Add it to your exercise kit today and unlock a new level of stretch and strength in your yoga journey.