Horror Blood Capsules: Realistic Trick Props

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• Realistic theatrical effects: These horror blood capsules are perfect for creating a truly authentic and realistic theatrical scene. Whether you're organizing a Halloween party or staging a spooky play, these capsules will add an extra level of fright to your event.

• Prankster's delight: With these blood capsules, you can easily play a prank on your friends or family members. Simply place the capsule under your clothes and puncture the blood bag to pretend you've been injured. It's a great way to surprise and shock your loved ones!

• Safe and non-toxic: Made from high-quality plastic and artificial plasma, these blood capsules are completely safe and non-toxic. The main components include water, food coloring, honey, and sucrose, which are all harmless substances. They are easy to clean and pose no harm to your skin. Enjoy the ultra-realistic effect without any worries.