Sport Shoe Heel Protection Kit: Adjustable Antiwear Insoles with Cushion Inserts

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Color: A (Beige-5mm)
  • SKU: 3256802937282777-A (Beige-5mm)
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• Adjustable heel protection: The Sport Shoe Heel Protection Kit features adjustable insoles with cushion inserts, allowing you to customize the fit and prevent abrasion, heel off, and discomfort.
• Versatile thickness options: With two thickness options, 5mm and 10mm, these insoles are suitable for both half-size/heel worn shoes and big size/drop heel shoes, providing the perfect solution for various shoe sizes and heel shapes.
• Comfortable and durable: Made from high elastic foam and cotton mesh, these insoles are soft, comfortable, and offer a non-slip fit. The high-quality adhesive ensures they stay in place, providing long-lasting protection for your heels.