Leather Arch Support Insoles - Ultimate Comfort

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• Specially designed for low arch and flat foot: These Leather Arch Support Insoles are specifically crafted to provide optimal support and comfort for individuals with low arches and flat feet. They help control, stabilize, and balance the foot, addressing the unique needs of those with this foot type.

• Relieves heel and arch pain: With their excellent footbed and 2.5cm arch support, these insoles effectively reduce heel, ankle, and back pain. By providing the necessary support to the arch and heel, they alleviate discomfort and promote proper alignment, allowing you to move with ease and comfort throughout the day.

• Shock-absorbent and comfortable: These insoles feature a shock-absorbent design that reduces impact on the feet, making them ideal for activities that involve prolonged standing or walking. The top cover absorbs sweat, keeping your feet dry, and is also washable for convenience. Made with PU, leather, latex, and PUC materials, they offer a soft and comfortable feel, ensuring a pleasant walking experience.

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