Horror Candle Lamp: Spooky Halloween Decoration

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Color: Style 2
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• Spooky Halloween Atmosphere: Create a chilling and eerie ambiance with the Horror Candle Lamp. This unique decoration adds a touch of horror to your Halloween party or haunted house, instantly transforming any space into a spooky setting.

• Realistic Ghost Hand Design: The Horror Candle Lamp features a realistic ghost hand design that adds an extra element of fright to your Halloween decor. The intricate details and lifelike appearance of the ghost hand create a bone-chilling effect, making it a perfect centerpiece for your Halloween display.

• Easy to Use and Customize: The Horror Candle Lamp is designed for convenience and versatility. Simply insert three button electronics (provided by the buyer) into the base of the lamp, and watch as the eerie glow illuminates the ghost hand. You can also customize the candle by choosing different colored electronics to create a personalized and haunting effect.