Realistic Prank Tongue for Scary Fun

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• Realistic Prank Tongue: This prank tongue prop is designed to look incredibly realistic, making it perfect for scaring your friends and family. Crafted from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material, it is safe to put in your mouth, ensuring a harmless yet thrilling prank experience.

• Versatile and Easy to Use: With its stretchy, twistable, and stickable properties, this prank tongue allows for endless possibilities. You can stretch it, twist it, and even pierce it with a needle, and it will effortlessly restore to its original shape. This versatility makes it a great prop for Halloween, parties, magic shows, or even photo props.

• Excellent Performance and Easy to Learn: The prank tongue delivers an excellent performance that is sure to leave your audience in awe. It is easy to learn and master the skills required to use this prop effectively. Whether you want to pull it out longer or pierce it with a needle, this prank tongue will provide a realistic and terrifying effect that will surely frighten your friends and family.

Note: This product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Additionally, while it can restore its shape when pierced with a needle, it may not restore if pierced with thick iron or a fork. Please allow for slight color and dimension differences due to lighting and manual measurement.